How to Add CaptionsSubtitles in InShot

How to Add Captions/Subtitles in InShot?

In this blog, I’ll discuss how to add captions/subtitles in InShot, a versatile and user-friendly video editing app.

If you’re a video content creator or a vlogger, you know that crafting compelling captions is a crucial element in engaging your audience and enhancing the impact of your content. In the dynamic world of social media, where attention spans are fleeting, a well-crafted caption can make all the difference.

InShot App has two different option for creating captions and I will guide on both step by step so read article at the end.

Whether you’re looking to share your story, promote your brand, or simply connect with your audience on a deeper level, mastering the art of captions is a skill every content creator should have in their toolkit.

How to Create Captions/Subtitles in Video in InShot – Step by Step

Firs of all launch InShot App and import the video in which you want to add captions with simply importing it from your phone gallery. After importing the video, you will see the icon of “T” below the video with indicates text. Just tap on it.

Import video to inshot

Upon tapping on “T” icon InShot will give you 5 Different options as you can see in the screenshot below. Out of these 5 options either you have choose Text OR Captions option depending on your requirement.

text and Captions open by inshot

If you want to create caption automatically then choose captions but if you want to create/write caption/subtitle by yourself then go with Text option.

Method 1 (Auto Generated)

Let’s learn first how to to generate caption automatically. To generate caption, simply tap on “Create Captions“.

Choose Captions Option

Once you will tap the option captions Inshot will again give you options to record and Create Captions. In order to go with record option you must have premium version of inshot but don’t worry Free version is enough. So then tap on Create Caption.

Generate caption

As you can see InShot is Generating Caption.

Inshot generating video caption

Once the process will end you will see the additional pane/timeline below the video timeline. This means InShot has successfully generated caption.

Inshot Generated Captions sucessfully

To ensure seamless synchronization between your captions and audio, it’s essential to play the content once and carefully observe for any potential misalignments.

Play and check the captions

If you notice any discrepancies, simply tap on the specific generated caption and tap on Edit Icon to make necessary adjustment.

Tap on text to edit

If any word is missing, extra or mismatch then edit or rewrite the caption. You can also change the color and fond on text as well.

Edit caption

Now again check is everything is all right by playing it again.

Play video and check caption again

Once it confirms everything is good tap on Tick icon to save settings. And here the method one is completed.

Tap on Tick to save captions

Method 2 (Manually Adding Caption)

As I told you before stated adding caption automatically InShot gives us 2 options, 1 was Captions and another was Text as you see below.

text and Captions open by inshot

To create caption manually, we will go with Text option. And as you will choose Text option the keyboard will appears. Now, write your own caption, and customize the text color and font as desired. Once you’re satisfied, tap the checkmark to save your first caption.

Write caption manually

As you can see the caption is added in our video.

Manual caption generated

Now add subsequent captions: Pause the video where you want the next caption to begin.
Tap on the “T” icon for the text option again, and same keyboard will reappear.

Add second caption

Write your second caption, customize it, and tap the checkmark to save.

second caption added

Repeat this process until all text parts are added to complete your caption. It’s crucial to ensure that both the audio and captions align for an effective video. You can achieve this by dragging specific text captions forward or backward, adjusting their timing.

Play the video multiple times to fine-tune and check synchronization. This meticulous process ensures a well-coordinated and perfect final video.

At the end after adding all captions, play video once and check whether its up to mark or not.

Play video and check

I hope you have generated the level of output. Now your video is full of captions its time to save video and upload it wherever you want to.

save caption video

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This was the detailed guide on how to add captions and subtitles in you videos using inshot. If you have still any doubt or want to say anything, please don’t hesitate to mention in the comment section below.

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