how to delete a clip in inshot

How to Delete, Trim, Cut or remove Video Section/Clip in InShot?

If you are looking for the way to trim, cut or delete any section of video in InShot then welcome you in my website. On my website theinshotproapk I regularly posting blogs related to inshot so you can learn many things by browsing anything on my site.

So let’s back to the main topic how to delete clip in InShot. In InShot you can deleted any section of video by either trimming it (if its first or last part) OR you can by splitting video in different parts.

I know it required practical guidance so don’t worry in this blog I will teach you step by step on how you can easily cut something out from video in few clicks.

Delete First/Last part of video

To remove the beginning or end of a video in InShot, you can do it in two easy ways. First, split the video, then delete the unwanted part. Second, use the trimming tool by tapping the video timeline, and drag the arrow to cut or remove the desired section.

It’s simple – split and delete, or trim by dragging the arrow where you want to cut.

Let’s do it quickly.

Import your video into InShot.

Tap the timeline below to access the editing tools.

tap on timeline

To trim the video’s beginning or end, tap and hold the arrow at the start of the timeline. Drag it to the point where you want to cut the clip. Release, and you’ll see the video is now trimmed.

trim video

Now you can see the specific part has trimmed.

got trim option

Now let’s move to second method.

Play the video and stop it at the specific point where you want to remove a part.

play video to certain time

Stop the video at the point tip which you want to remove the clip.

stop video at certain time

Split the video at that point; this will divide the video into two segments.

split video at certain time

Now you can see the video is divided into two parts. Select the first part by tapping on it. As you will tap on it the above options will active from where you can select deleted icon.

deleted part of a video

Look for the delete icon and tap on it to remove the selected part.

deleted clip

Delete Specific OR Middle Part of Video

The trim option is only applicable when you want to remove first or end part of any video but when it comes to remove center part of any video the split option is useful so now in this method I will teach you how you can use split method effectively to cut out any part of video.

In my case Let’s say I wanna deleted or remove this certain part of my video.

identify the deleting part

Now what I will do it I will split video in 3 parts in order to delete center part. Now what I will do is split the video by locating the point at that part from where the deleting part starts and hit split.

pause and split

Now you can see the video is splitted in two parts.

splitted successfully

Now I will split the video further at the point where deleting part ends.

move to second corner

As you can see the video is divided into 3 parts.

split second corner

Now what I will do is, I will select the mid center/removing part and tap delete icon.

select part to delete

Successfully removed the center part.

removed center part


I hope you have achieved what you wanted after reading this guide. If still there is somethings that I have missed by mistake you can mention in the comment section or if you know any new method then don’t forget to contribute it with audience.

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