How to Change or Remove Background In InShot

How to Change or Remove Background In InShot?

If you want to remove or change background of any image or video in InShot then you are at right place.

With InShot you can only remove background of picture but you can’t change image background and f you still want to change image background then it can be done but the image will become video because it is doable with choosing video option.

On the other hand you can’t remove video background in InShot, you can only change video background.

So, in this article I will be talking about How to remove image background and how to change background of video in InShot.

How to Remove Image Background in InShot

To Remove Image background in Inshot follow the below steps:

  1. Open the image you want to edit.
  2. Slide through the options to locate the “Cutoutfeature.
  3. Tap on “Cutout” to activate the background removal tool.
  4. InShot will automatically remove the image background.
  5. Save the edited image.

Slide Each Picture

How to Remove/Change Video Background in InShot

As I said earlier you can only change video background so let’s learn how you can do it:

Step by step Guide on changing background in Inshot:

Begin by downloading a captivating background image to enhance your video. Ensure the image is saved on your device.

Open the InShot app and import your chosen background image by navigating to the video option.

open inshot app
open background image in inshot

Adjust the size of the background image using the Canvas option, choosing a suitable aspect.

set canvas of background image

Let’s say i want video for youtube then i will choose ratio 16:9 for YouTube videos.

set canvas for youtube video

Now, activate the Picture-in-Picture (PIP) feature and browse your device’s video library within InShot.

tap pn PIP option to add video in inshot

Then, select the video you want to overlay on the background.

set video size in inshot

After adding video, resize and position the video overlay by manipulating the corners to fit your desired frame.

set video size in inshot

Now, explore the menu options and locate “Cutout“. Find this option slide below options.

slide option below to find coutout option in inshot

Tap on it to seamlessly remove the video’s original background, leaving only the foreground elements.

tap on cutout option to remove video background in inshot

Upon tapping on CUTOUT option the inshot will remove video background like this:

tap on tick to confirm change in inshot

Play the edited video to ensure satisfaction with the new background.

play video to check in inshot

Save the final video with the updated background to preserve your creative work. Now, your video is ready to share with a fresh and visually appealing backdrop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, there is no direct option to remove video background in Inshot App

You can make background of any image either simply removing background discussed above or add back image but it can be done by video option.

You can’t change video background, although you can change it.

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